Why Agenses

Agenses offers next generation call center calculation forecasting, and scheduling services. No longer there is a need to download a tool from the pre-internet era. Online services have proven their value: always available for you and your call center agents.

Agenses forecasting and scheduling tool helps you to cut costs by scheduling the correct amount of agents.

To be able to perform better Agenses offers a platform of services. Each aimed at keeping a close eye to costs but never compromising overall performance. Our algorithms and engines are aimed at healthy operations which allow for cost balance and a well performing customer experience.

Our services help call center managers to better understand what impact scheduling choices have. Both on costs and on customer experience. We point out the area's where costs can be saved while keeping customer experience at a stable high level.

Benefits of Agenses

  • Free Erlang C calculator (always free to use)
  • Free trials available on Agenses Forecast and Agenses Schedule
  • No need to download any software
  • Always available to you and your employees
  • Made to teach novel users how to optimize your staffing
  • Value for money

Driven by technology and knowledge we offer you a way to build a better relationship with your call center employees. More and more companies enjoy the benefits of our services. Are you able to improve? Find out now by using our free services or signing up for a free trial!

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