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Data-driven training

Agenses Training is a  data-driven online solution for training your call center employees. We import your telephone data and determine which employee needs to improve what skills.

After your approval the employee can right away start with improving themselves. 


Agenses offers data-driven training. This means that our system can automatically detect in which fields an employee needs more training. We do this based on your phone-systems data.

When our system detects that a user might need training, you as a call center manager will be notified. At a time at your convenience you can review the suggestions. You might want to listen back some phone-calls to determine if a specific training is needed.

When you have approved the courses the employee will be notified of (the first) course to be taken.

On-demand training reduces overhead in training skills that people already possess and gives the people who need it the extra attention they deserve.

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