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Treshold Service Level
Most common way to measure the responsiveness of a call center is by looking at the percentage of calls being answered within a certain time threshold (for example 90% of all calls answered within 20 seconds). Agenses services are also setup using this Service level approach.

There is no standard to determine which service level is best. In each situation this is different. Often companies want a better focus on performance for a sales department then for a customer service department. For example when people call for service they will tend to wait longer and a service level of answering 60% of all calls within 60 seconds can be good enough. For a sales department it is more likely that one chooses for 80 percent of the calls to be answered within 20 seconds.

Often you will have a prediction of calls but it is also good to calculate what happens if you receive more or less calls. With Agenes C this is easy to do.

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